Hi, I’m Sumitra, your partner in Transforming Customer Experience, a ASQ Certified Manager of Quality & Organizational Excellence, a certified master trainer, a retail banker with years of hands-on international experience running branches, operations & the Quality function supporting phenomenal business growth in Asia, Europe, Middle East & Africa. While numerous global training programs have helped me grow continuously, mentors & colleagues from different countries have enriched me with their varied perspectives. I have designed & conducted successful training programs, mentored many employees creating an impact across continents. Goal oriented with an eye for detail, a passion for improving processes & awakening employee potential, delivering customer satisfaction is my Ikigai.
  • Do you have customers who are dissatisfied?
  • Do your customers have to make multiple contacts/visits? 
  • Do you want to achieve your customer satisfaction goals with ease?
  • Do customers face the same problem repeatedly? 
  • Have you identified customer priorities? 
  • Do you wish you could do things right the first time? 
  • Does processing take too long ?
  • Are there too many errors?
  • Do your processes have disconnects?
  • Are you reeling under huge volumes?
  • Could your employees be happier at work?
  • Are your employees leaving?
  • Do employees take initiative in your organization?
  • Are your employees in sync with your plans?
  • Are you wondering about the culture in your organization?
       If you are someone who is grappling with any of the                 above issues then you  have landed in the right place…..


I have a dream….to transform customer experience. 

For years we have been hearing that the customer is king. What if we turned this edict around and said, an engaged employee is the king who is at the heart of delivering a transformational customer experience.


My mission is to create an impact by achieving business growth through highly engaged employees, aligned processes & very satisfied customers. That’s why I have created the Delivering Customer Satisfaction: Awaken. Align. Achieve. Masterclass, First Time Right & Transforming Customer Experience Hub.


Some training programs & courses that have been integral to my journey.

ASQ (American Society For Quality)

Quality Tools


Adaptive Leadership
Storytelling for Change
Design Kit: The Course for Human Centered Design, Acumen & IDEO
Social Entrepreneurship 101
Lean Data Approaches to Measure Social Impact
Making Sense of Social Impact, Building Blocks for Impact Analysis

Stanford University

Design Thinking Action Lab

How To Design For Belonging & Inclusion In Your Organization

Blair Singer

Trainer Mastery Program


Sharing Best In Class Practices

Some of the many conferences where I participated.

Sharing Best In Class Practices

Some of the many conferences where I participated.