Level 1 : First Time Right

First Time Right, a digital course specially designed for a deep impact, transforming the culture in your organization, is now available on a LMS (Learning Management System) at
Access Anywhere Anytime! At your convenience. Contact us to enroll.

Level 2 : Delivering Customer Satisfaction:
Awaken . Align. Achieve. Masterclass

Delivering Customer Satisfaction:
Awaken. Align. Achieve. Masterclass

Running successfully, Delivering Customer Satisfaction: Awaken. Align. Achieve. Masterclass is a live, online, outcome oriented, customized, interactive program comprising of 4 modules each with a CTA (Call to Action).

Module 1: Customer Experience Setting the Stage - Vision, Mission, Values Now a digital course!

Learn secrets of ‘first time right’, customer delight, Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Module 2: Voice of Customer (VOC): Achieve customer satisfaction goals

Learn secrets to achieve customer satisfaction goals, problem incidence reduction, problem resolution satisfaction, understand customer needs & expectations & much more

Module 3: Voice of Process (VOP) :
Align processes

Learn secrets to align processes with customer expectations using Lean methodology, root cause analysis, quality tools, service indicators, metrics, continuous process improvement & much more

Module :4 Voice of Employee (VOE): Awaken potential

Learn secrets to awaken employee potential, a great place to work, a culture of trust, empathy, psychological safety, employee engagement, gratitude, appreciation, communication, self development and much more.

Level 2 : Customized For Your Needs

Modules 1, 2,3,4 plus your own organization specific actionable information at your fingertips

Customer Needs & Satisfaction
assessment + analysis

Employee engagement
assessment + analysis


I am happy to share feedback received from a recently conducted program.

100 % participants said yes across all modules.

Module 1 : Customer Experience Setting The Stage
(Mission Vision Values)

Action Taken on feedback :

Now, videos are full screen, case studies from financial services are included, Lean fundamentals is part of the Voice of Process (VOP) module.

Module 2: Voice of Customer (VOC)

Action Taken on feedback :

Technical glitch has been fixed.

Module 3 : Voice of Process (VOP)

Action Taken on feedback received:

More videos are now included

Module 4: Voice of Employee (VOE)

Presenting feedback from the final module

Level 3 : Roadmap Consultation


How To Design For Belonging and Inclusion

Thrive with employee engagement in diversity using Design Thinking tools
Participant feedback from recent session:
“ Thanks for this Sumitra. Lots of great research here. Wonderful experiment to bring this to us. So full of wonderful methods to address belonging” “ And amazing resources!”
“ Wonderful presentation. Thank you so much, Sumitra, I’d love to share with our Office of DEISJ because we’re struggling and I think this fresh information will help a lot! Just the right info at the right time”
“ Thanks for this wonderful gift”
“ Sumitra this is terrific and very thought provoking”
“ This is a great education”


Communication : A Game Changer Awaken. Align. Achieve Masterclass

Lean : Breakthrough Improvement
Awaken. Align. Achieve Masterclass

Path Breaking Habits Awaken.
Align. Achieve Masterclass